Sandskærvej 592, 6200 Aabenraa
+45 74 61 74 00
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Sandskaer Strandcamping is amongst the coziest and best camp grounds in Denmark.

There is room for tons of experiences to make, right outside the Lillebaelt-bridge in the middle of impressing nature on the northern coast right outside of Aabenraa. The area is known for it’s rich wildlife, including birds. Pheasants, rabbits and dears are often seen, and if you are lucky, you might spot playing porpoise whales in the ocean. It is here where the fishermen and divers meet up to enjoy the phenomenal wildlife that exists beneath the sea surface.

We do our best to give you the greatest possible stay, which includes entertainment for children and adults, and presenting you the opportunity to smell the ground of the woods, feel a breeze in your hair and sand between your toes. Our bathrooms are excellent, we have a big kiosk and many other shared facilities.

Once you enter the camp ground, you can park your car and leave it to be. We have a dinghy, electric bikes, mountain bikes, horses, kayaks, pedalos etc., which can all be used to explore the area.

If you are up for a drive, there are plenty other things to see outside the campground such as Moegeltoender, the Mudflat, Danfoss Universe, treetop-hiking, Flensburg on the Southside of the border, a Theme park and the city of Aabenraa. If you are interested in gourmet and cozy restaurants, Southern Jutland is the place to go! Here you will have food-experiences out of this world.

We are looking forward to showing you our nature-oasis.
Sincerely Amalie, Karl Emil, Line and Jesper